30 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobile App During Coronavirus


Coronavirus has changed the way the world consumes. The majority of us are staying home, and businesses across all industries have had to adapt to customers engaging with their products and services remotely.

Even if—especially if—you’ve seen a dip in revenue, remember that your customers aren’t gone; they’re just at home and are engaging with you in a new way: through mobile. There are still plenty of ways to connect with and serve them through your mobile app.

Here are 30 easy improvements you can make to provide a better in-app experience while we all adjust to our new reality.

Payment processing

  • While consumers need to limit physical contact, many companies that require payments for their product/service are moving to digital mobile transactions only. If in this situation, customers frequently share that they had issues with adding/ updating payment methods, reloading gift cards, discrepancies in mobile app balance, or processing payments, then brands should take efforts to streamline their digital payment processing. Enabling easy and quick mobile payment capabilities that allow customers to checkout without hassle is key.
  • Make information available and clarify frequently asked questions regarding digital payment processing. Consider showing an app notification that shares specific information on how to best utilize the feature.
  • Provide clarity around which payment method is more preferable by customers for in-app payments: in-app cards, credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay?

Order processing and checkout

  • If customers report lags and issues in processing mobile orders, listen to them and act on their feedback. Processing issues create wait times and act as a deterrent for customers using the mobile app to submit orders.
  • Are there any features requested to make checkout more efficient? For example: how easy is it to add or remove items from the checkout cart? Are there any features that make the checkout process difficult?
  • If your app requires customers to collect their orders after mobile payments like the Food & Drink or Retail industries, it’s important to check that physical stores participate in the digital process.
  • Are there too many steps to process an order? Can customers easily save frequently ordered items or preferred locations and access them when they have to order again?

Login and account information

  • Reconsider your app’s sign up/log in/enroll in program process in order to place mobile transactions. If there are frequent reports of customers having issues with logging in, facing logouts, resetting passwords, and your app not retaining login credentials, then these again deter customers from performing digital transactions. Reconsider why it’s necessary.
  • Are there any other aspects of the signup process that deters customers from using the app? Examples include agreeing to terms and conditions, access to device information, etc.
  • It’s equally important for customers to access their account information. Having customers access and update account information like account numbers, profile details, contact information, etc. easily can help customers submit transactions with accurate information.

Product options

  • Are frequently ordered products or specifications that are available in the store also available in the app? If not, it creates a lost segment of customers. As most of our transactions have moved digital, it is important to include the product variety in the app which customers would also usually purchase in-store.
  • Is product availability clearly indicated in the app? It is a hassle for customers to pay for an item when it ends up being out of stock. Leaving this capability out deters people from using your app, encouraging them to physical storefronts which risks exposure to both them and your employees.

In-app promotions and offer

  • Offer your mobile customers better deals and coupons. To create them, pay attention to offers that are frequently requested. Are there specific in-app offers requested or utilized heavily by loyal customers?
  • Sometimes, customers have issues applying coupons in the app that they may not have at a physical store. Honor these coupons however you can, and connect customers who have issues directly with customer support.
  • Consider how easy it is to access or apply coupons and deals. Are these easily accessible from the home or order page? Does it require too many clicks or steps?

Loyalty and rewards program

  • Investing in rewards that are valuable and pleasing to consumers is the key to fostering happiness and improving retention, especially as our relationships progress over mobile during COVID-19.
  • In some cases, customers don’t receive the promised points, credits, or items (for example free drink or items) towards the rewards program in mobile apps. This is a deterrent for customers to continue being loyal patrons of the brand and should be honored.
  • Make it easy for customers to easily redeem rewards in your app, without disrupting their mobile experience.


  • To reach a wider audience, do you have a mobile presence for devices like iPads, Apple watches, and more?

Physical-to-digital connection

  • What modes of product delivery are available? Do they minimize contact? If not, it’s imperative to invest in leave-at-door delivery, drive-thru options, in-store pick up, curbside pick up, etc.
  • Consider making your pickup and/or delivery process more seamless. Can customers provide specific instructions in the app on where to leave the delivery product? Can they specify in the app to release the product without them being physically present or have someone else pick up on their behalf? In the case of delivery apps, can they easily update the location, mode, and time of delivery/pickup?
  • Consider product delivery and accuracy of selections in the app. Are there any discrepancies in what customers select and order, and what they receive? Do stores get accurate transmissions of order details?
  • Are customers able to easily locate and select physical locations via mobile maps? Are there frequent issues with selecting the wrong locations?
  • Right now, customers want to limit the time they spend at physical locations and have their order ready when they arrive for pickup. Do your order completion/pickups require a lot of wait times? Is there a way to set up a pickup time through the app? Integrating estimated wait times or real-time information (in case of delivery) in the app so customers can monitor product status or plan their visit accordingly will limit exposure time.
  • Are there features for which customers still have to perform physically? For example: tipping, providing instructions for the order, signing a bill, etc. Integrate every physical human connection into the app and mobile purchasing process to limit exposure to protect the health of your customers and employees.

Technical difficulties and errors

  • It’s important to find out if glitches are specific to an app version, time frame, operating system, etc. and find solutions accordingly.
  • Address technical issues swiftly. This will help guests continue with their orders effortlessly.
  • Provide additional context as to why customers receive error messages to help them identify the problem and move through their purchasing process swiftly.
  • Thank customers who report bugs, feature requests, and more. A simple thank you goes a long way in making your brand stand out and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer service

  • Provide an easily accessible way to reach customer service helps customers clarify their questions without delay. It’s helpful for customers to find information in-app to contact customer service online (phone, chat, or email), especially when they don’t have access to representatives in person.


It’s easy to feel defeated by growing churn and decreased revenue as consumers engage with brands from home, but you can get ahead of it. Product leaders who embrace the shift toward mobile apps in consumer behavior as an opportunity for positive change will set themselves apart in coming months.


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