Shark Tank: BootayBag Accepts $500,000 From Kendra Scott


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Entrepreneur, Elly Gheno, started her business, BootayBag, with only $300 and a great idea for a subscription box for women. Her unique service allows women to purchase new undergarments to be delivered to their doorstep every month. By choosing their style, the number of garments they would like to receive, and the frequency of delivery, consumers are able to ensure that they never put off buying new undergarments again. For many women, new underwear can increase their confidence, making BootayBag an investment in themselves.

Seeking $500,000 in exchange for 5% equity in BootayBag, Elly is looking for a partner from the Shark Tank who is not just willing to financially invest in the company, but also to help them strategically secure better manufacturing deals. Currently, BootayBag is at the mercy of their brokers and they are experiencing very long lead times that last in excess of 9 months. Elly is hoping to partner with a Shark that is willing to step in and help her develop manufacturing relationships that will lessen her dependency on her current brokers.

Bootay Bag was initially met with skepticism in the Shark Tank as the Sharks thought that an underwear subscription service could never generate enough sales for them to recoup their investment. They were shocked to learn that BootayBag has year-to-date sales of $3,000,000. Through effective social media techniques, primarily on Instagram, BootayBag has been able to generate a lot of engagement and energy about its brand and products through its 100% user-generated content. The power of individual brand ambassadors on BootayBag has allowed their business to thrive during this uncertain time.

Impressed with the social movement Elly is building on social media platforms as well their large sales figures, the Sharks are interested in partnering with BootayBag. They appreciate that they focus on the mantra “Made for women, by women” which also ties to their social causes which helps to support women-in-need. Elly’s success and business model has caught the attention of three Sharks which all extend offers to BootayBag. Kevin O’Leary, Kendra Scott, and Barbara Corcoran all float offers to Elly, however, Elly ultimately feels as though Kendra Scott is the best partner for her due to her knowledge of the subscription space and her familiarity with the same community that Elly is targeting. Elly agrees to accept $500,000 from Kendra in exchange for 10% equity in BootayBag.

What did you think of this episode and this business? Do you feel that Kendra Scott was the best Shark to partner with BootayBag? If you were Elly, which Shark would you have chosen? If you were a Shark would you have invested in BootayBag? Start the conversation in the comments below!


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