Marketing in the Age of Pandemic [Infographic]

The coronavirus disease (COVID) is an unexpected health crisis that single-handedly changed life as we know it. The first COVID-19 case was reported in Wuhan, China after an animal coronavirus spilled over and got transmitted to humans. It’s highly contagious nature made it easier to spread and evolve continuously in the human population.

Since the first diagnosed patient, COVID-19 has spread in 210 countries. It has rapidly spread around the world. As of June 28, confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally had risen to more than 9 million, including over 400 thousand deaths.

The lack of data regarding the virus makes it more difficult to predict when the rising numbers will end. However, the pandemic has not only taken a toll on people’s health and well-being. It has also affected societies and upending people’s lives.

As countries work on slowing down the transmission of the disease, the global economy started to suffer from it. COVID-19 caused the most difficult economic situation since the Second World War. The consequences include a recession that was even worse than the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-2008.

Restrictions for the sake of “flattening the curve” such as social distancing, stay at home orders, lockdowns, and travel restriction led to a temporary cessation of some businesses and activities slowing down for many. In turn, it has reduced the workforce all over the economic sectors and caused job loss.

Companies that seek to continue operations amid the global pandemic need to adopt new strategies that will help them succeed in the New Normal. The situation calls for shifting everything to digital. People were bringing home their work computers to do their jobs and meet their co-workers online via videoconferencing.

Marketing a small business in the Age of Pandemic is full of challenges. In this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines an internet outsourcing company lists a few ways how you can implement marketing campaigns that deliver favorable campaigns even during the coronavirus pandemic.


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